Stage Special Effects

Staging Rental NYC stocks theatrical atmospheric special effects and other professional equipment for the entertainment industry. We rent co2 smoke cannons, handheld co2 cryo guns, confetti cannons, snow machines, fog machines, low lying fogers, bubble machines. Our special effects equipment and party effects products let you create your own atmospheric special effects like theatrical smoke, fog, snow, bubbles, foam, paint, fire and many more fun party special effects and Visual special effects!  Rent your special effects and party equipment from  Rental Department today and start entertaining your party crowd like the Professional entertainers do.  It is really more affordable than ever to rent your own special effects machine and accessories through us. All Special Effect Stage Equipment Rentals placed on the site are subject to availability. Please be sure to include the dates of your party or corporate event so that we may serve you better. For more information on our rental program click here or Call the party and stage production experts today!    If you are looking for Co2 Tanks and Co2 Cryogenic Specialty Gas, click here.



Fog Machines & Hazers

Comes with a full tank (1/2 gallon with 35+ hours of runtime) of haze fluid. More haze fluid can be purchased if you contact me in advance. I'll also provide a portable hand truck to use with the case if you need it. The DF-50 is used on SNL and major photo and film projects. The haze ( atmospheric fog) produced is totally odorless, heatless, safe and leaves no residue. No warm-up period is required. It can fill a medium space quickly and produces a hang time of over 3 hours. The unit weighs 35 pounds, with a 1/2 gallon capacity producing 35+ hours of runtime.

Rosco Vapour Fog Machine
Rent Rosco Vapour Portable Fog Machine | Adorama Rentals
Rent the Rosco Vapour Portable Fog Machine. Features numerous atmospheric effects, integrated DMX interface (5-pin connection) & detachable timed remote.

Produce Numerous Atmospheric Effects with the Rosco Vapour Fog Machine
The Rosco Vapour Fog Machine is considered to be the brand's workhorse. This professional fog maker was designed to fulfill the needs of various applications, ranging from concert tours and photo shoots to safety training exercises. The Vapour is packed with many of the features that professional effects technicians look for in a smoke machine. Aside from delivering a consistent, high-volume fog output, this mini fog machine is designed for easy maintenance with its one-step cleaning process and common core components that are designed to be easily replaceable.
The Vapour Fog Machine offers precise output control, which enables it to produce numerous aerial effects in almost any venue. By carefully monitoring pump speed and temperature, this machine can produce both fine wisps of smoke and billowing clouds of fog.

For easier operation, the Rosco Vapour Fog Machine boasts a detachable timed remote and a built-in DMX interface with XLR-5 pin connections. It even features a Multi-Link function for utmost versatility.

Key features include:

•Precise output control
•Wide array of atmospheric effects
•Integrated DMX interface (5-pin connection)
•Detachable timed remote
•Multi-Link daisy-chain feature

Use the Fog Level Knob to Fine-Tune Your Output
The Vapour has an onboard electronics monitor that manipulates speed and temperature controls to deliver precise smoke and fog effects. These effects range from light wisps of smoke to swirling, consistent clouds of fog. The pump speed can increase and transfer more fog fluid into the machine's heat exchanger, which regulates fog output.
Operators can set the amount of fog output using the Vapour's detachable remote control panel. The panel features a fog level knob that users can turn to set their preferred fog output volume.
On the other hand, this fog maker's ingenious design keeps its electronic components separated from the fluid path and heat exchanger, resulting in consistent and reliable atmospheric effects. Operators would be glad to know that the machine produces non-toxic, water-based fog effects.
This portable fog generator is built for use with Rosco's full selection of Oscar-winning fog fluids.

Take Advantage of the Vapour's Control Options
The Vapour has two main control options. One option comes in the form of a detachable timed remote control panel that provides easy local output and operation control. Operators can manipulate this console directly on the unit or from a distance when it is removed from the machine. If they decide to do the latter, they can utilize the three-pin cable that comes with the Vapour. Operators can set the amount of fog output; use the Standby mode to turn the unit on and off; and set a recurrent, regular on/off operation cycle through the panel.
Another control option present in the machine is the built-in DMX interface. This enables the output of preset fog effects through a lighting desk. Users must plug a five-pin XLR DMX cable into the Vapour's DMX-IN socket to connect it to a DMX chain. They can also utilize the DMX control from another DMX device to run the Vapour. The unit's DMX-OUT port lets operators add more DMX devices to its chain downstream. Both of these connections need just a single DMX channel for activation.

Operate Various Units Using Just One Control Panel
Some situations may require users to operate various synchronized Rosco units using just one remote control panel. In such scenarios, they can utilize the Vapour's Multi-Link capabilities to achieve the above-mentioned task quickly and easily. Operators can connect and run up to four Vapour units via one controller. The machine's three-pin XLR socket enables this particular connection.
Furthermore, a typical daisy chain of Vapour units has a maximum length of 165 feet (50 meters). This covers every component in the chain, from the main unit's remote to the last connected unit.

Easily Clean the Vapour Professional Fog Machine After Use
The Vapour provides users with an air-input valve that is easy to use, allowing for easy cleaning. This push-to-connect inlet accepts 1/4"ÊOD tubing. However, operators can also clean the machine using a blow gun add-on or a similar tool with a stepped nozzle.
The air-input plug offers a quick and efficient approach to cleaning the unit's heat exchanger. It utilizes compressed air to cleanse the machine of excess fluid and build-up. But for thorough cleaning, operators must supply clean, dry compressed air into the unit.

Rosco Vapour Fog Machine Rentals in NYC
The Vapour incorporates powerful fog effects, multiple unit controls, and a simple cleaning method into one reliable machine. You can use this apparatus to add special effects to theater plays, movie and photography shoots, and other creative environments.
If you need the Rosco Vapour Portable Fog Machine for a short-term project, consider renting it from
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Once you're done, you may return the equipment to our Manhattan location or schedule your pick-up via messenger. For more information on our hassle-free rental process, check out our How it Works page.


Snow Machines

We work with brands, theater companies and live events to create a magical winter wonderland anywhere in New York City.  Some of our recent projects include a summer snow experience , an indoor snow show at Time Warner Center and a large-scale snow effects for the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.Our DMX snow machine rentals can create both blizzard-like conditions and beautiful, gently falling snow flurries. This rental option is compact and easy is well-suited for use in plays, movie sets, winter attractions, and many other types of applications. have s wo Stage Blower Fans - The S4 features a 1350W High Fan Setting and an 800W Low Setting, allowing the user to choose the output and audio level that is best suited for their needs. True 0-100% Variable Control - The included remote allows the user to choose any flake size with the turn of a dial. The S4 features almost dust-sized particles at the low end and heaps of heavy snow at the high end. Integrated Noise Reduction - The S4 has noise reduction material built into the internals of the machine to ensure that it can operate as quietly as possible in live performance situations. Large Fluid Tank and Hanging Bracket - The S4 can hold up to 5 liters of snow fluid, meaning it can be run for a very long time on lower output settings. The included hanging bracket allows for maximum flexibility in installation and usage. This snow machine produces beautiful snow look like substance that floats with the wind. It creates a beautiful snow scene. Rent this snow machine to bring the snow to you and your guests. This snow machine provides a beautiful snow fall and creates a wonderful fake snow ambiance. Bring the artificial snow to your holiday event and leave your guests thinking they are having a snowy vacation. This machine is extremely quiet and great for indoors or outside. The machine comes on a tripod stand to create height so the snow flurries float far. Creates a winter wonderland look in seconds.The snow evaporates and does not stick to the ground. Great for kids to play in and for pictures.  These snow machines are the same as the ones used at Santa’s Wonderland or Disney. You know what is great about these. NO CLEAN UP! This stuff dissolves when it hits the ground so no need to clean up anything. Yes, that means no snowballs. But still tons of fun. Rent the perfect snow toy to make your event special. If you are looking for snow on the ground, add our instant snow to complete the package. Snow in Texas is hard to come by. There are three ways to make snow in Texas. This snow machine that produces an artificial snow fall that dissolves when it hits the ground. Use ice to create real snow parties. This is the most realistic but also the most expensive. Instant snow. Mix snow powder with water to create a fluffy snow like substance. Great for science experiments and for the kids to play. BE CAREFUL THOUGH. Kids cannot eat this.



Special FX Rentals is one of the world’s largest special effects providers. Our laser rentals consist of only the world’s most trusted and reliable lasers from Kvant. We offer hundreds of full color lasers for dry hire, festivals, tours, concerts and more! The process is simple to rent our lasers, choose the date you need the gear and we’ll ship the order to arrive by the day you select.

Confetti Cannons

Electric Single Shot Confetti Cannon Shooter Rental Rent from $75.00 SELECT DATES Special FX Rentals Continuous Flow Electric Confetti Cannon Rental 2 QUICK VIEW Continuous Flow Electric Confetti Cannon Rental Rent from $150.00 SELECT DATES Handheld E-Cartridge Confetti Gun Rental Special FX Rentals QUICK VIEW Handheld E-Cartridge Confetti Gun Rental Rent from $150.00 SELECT DATES Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon Rental 3 Gerb Special FX Rentals QUICK VIEW Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon Rental 3″ Gerb Rental Rent from $325.00 SELECT DATES Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon Rental 6 Gerb Special FX Rentals QUICK VIEW Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon Rental 6″ Gerb Rental Rent from $375.00 SELECT DATES Electric 4 Shot Horizontal Confetti Cannon Shooter Rental Special FX Rentals QUICK VIEW Electric 4 Shot Confetti Cannon Shooter Rental Rent from $200.00 SELECT DATES


We carry several different podiums/lecterns for conferences, award shows/galas, outdoor rallies, and more. Three of the most popular options include lucite, wood, and truss podiums in various colors. Podium rentals are a perfect way to give your speakers a platform to address your audience effectively. 

Mirror Balls

With 100s of reflective panels and 20-"24" size, expect a brilliant reflection to be projected onto every square inch of the dance floor in any color you desire. Shine different colored lights towards the mirror ball to produce a spectacular mix of colored effects all throughout your venue. With 100s of reflective mini panels, expect a brilliant reflection to be projected onto every square inch of the dance floor. Shine different colored lights towards the 12" Mirror Ball to produce a spectacular mix of colored spots all over the room. Simple AC and battery powered motors for use with mirror balls and other light objects. 1RPM. Use with mirror balls up to 20" in diameter.

Rent CO2 Cryogenic Special Effect Smoke Gun

Blast Super Cold Co2 Cryo Fog In Two Directions - Dual Nozzle Cryo Gun With Lasers This dual nozzle co2 cryo special smoke effects gun unit was custom designed for Hip Hop superstar Lil' Jon and is now sold in over 90 countries.  Cool down your crowd or make a statement when you enter the building.  CO2 fog guns are exciting to use and easy to set up. Check out the new and improved handheld cryo fog gun. This compact version incorporates single handed or double handed operation with 2 independent cryo nozzles. The CO2 fog blaster is capable of shooting 2 streams of super cold CO2 fog up to 180° of each other. Not to mention it contains to high power green lasers mounted with quick disconnects to change to red if needed. Order your custom length

Foam Machines

Foamalicious is the Worldwide leader in foam machine rentals. Whether you have a Foam Party of 1 or a foam party with over 100,000 people, Foamalicious has the best foam machines for you! We are the only company in the World that sells a 100% Naturally Organic, Toxic Free,  Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soap Free, Petroleum Free and Powder Free foam! Fun and Safety will always be our top priority! All of our foam machines weigh as little as 37 lbs up to 52 lbs. Our Foam Machines are compact, light, and extremely durable, perfect for your all your foam party needs! An important factor is not go the cheap route and stick with foam machines that are made by true foam party professionals, Foamalicious!


Rent Cold Sparklers Fountains For Weddings and Concert Events

Rent Cold Sparkler Non Flame Unit Special Effects For Weddings and Concert Events and Parties. This effect is an amazing no flame product and to our knowledge does not require a pyrotechnics license to use (Check with venue, as well as local and state authorities before renting).  Rent this neat effect for your wedding or event.  Safe indoors and out.  These spark units are ideal for all size parties Rent Cold Sparklers For Wedding FEATURES: • Indoor  /  Outdoor usage • Very low smoke, dissipates fast • No foul odor • Up to 2 minutes of shoot time per pack of granules • Fountain can shoot 30 second intervals • Height adjustable from 3-4 meters • Adjust the density of fountain • Easy set up multiple locations • Sparkular effect from granules • Buy refills on line store ships non-hazmat to your door • Run up to 54 units in series VIA DMX cables

Kabuki Drops

Staging Rental NYC is stocked with cable management products like yellow jackets and cable ramps. As a trusted equipment provider to top film and production companies, we understand this community's specified needs. For location shoots, concerts, and other live or outdoor events, yellow jackets are essential for safeguarding cables and other wiring that needs protection. Our cable ramps complete rigorous quality control checks after each rental. Our yellowjackets are designed to withstand constant, high speed, heavy traffic from trucks, buses, and other machinery.