Outdoor Restaurant Seating Builds - Custom Fabrication

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Staging Rental NYC has reinvented our service offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. In March 2020 we began to fully comprehend the devastating impact of restaurant closings on our city's economy and the industry as a whole. The event industry which is so dear to us was no longer our priority. The 300,000 jobs of New York City restaurant workers needed to be saved. Our specially tailored solutions offer ready-to-install and custom-built packages to create modular outdoor dining systems that allow restaurants to operate under the new health guidelines. We aimed to create a space for diners to feel safe and comfortable.


Our creative designs and experienced engineering team can transform a sliver of the outdoors into a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable, area for open-air dining. Inspired by open-air cafes in Europe, and drawing on our modular work and experience designing restaurants, our solutions provide flooring, barriers, shading, lighting, and furniture as well as space for sanitation and restaurant equipment. We have worked with dozens of restaurants and bars across the boroughs, using parking spaces and sidewalks. Staging Rental NYC creates your outdoor dining space per NYC health guidelines. We work closely with the city to adapt to the changing regulations. We design and fabricate your outdoor dining spaces that are precisely designed to align with your establishment's brand. We also provide a vast inventory of rental equipment to outfit your outdoor dining experience. A growing number of products are available for purchase. We offer lost cost ready to install outdoor seating packages starting at $1200 which include a tent, walls, lighting, fire extinguisher, and exit sign.

Rental Equipment Includes:

  • Umbrellas & Awnings 

  • French Barricades 

  • Stanchions & Crowd Control 

  • Heating Products
  • Planters & Decor 

  • Outdoor Tables & Seating 

  • ​Acrylic Partitions
  • Safety Equipment

  • Signage & Fencing

  • Custom Barricades

  • Custom Flooring