Stage Roofing Rental In New York City

Our stage roofing systems are rented to cover stages, providing protection from the elements as well as allowing you to hang lighting, sound, and branded display products. These products are designed to meet the needs of our diverse client base. These roof designs are flexible and innovative, allowing seamless installation and removal. We can help you design a truss roof for any stage we provide, focusing on safety and utility. You can work directly with our experienced stage construction team to help you quickly build an exact solution that fits your needs. Staging Rental NYC has the most trusted truss staging support systems in the industry and is made to the highest safety and performance standards. The system's core is a square truss that utilizes a connector system, which easily pairs with other stage components. Our popular stage roofs include arched roofs, sloped roofs, and peaked roofs. These products are built with expandable systems that can be easily lowered and raised. The height and width of a roof are dependent on the overall stage setup. For more information on our stage roof products, please contact us.