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Additional Rental Equipment Available In New York City

Pipe And Drape Rental

We have various pipe and drape systems available for rent in Manhattan and throughout New York City. If it's one dressing room or 100, we have you covered. We specialize in pipe and drape rentals for conferences, conventions, fashion shows, theater productions, and weddings. We carry sheer, velour, encore, and sheer drapery in various color options. Our team loves to take on custom pipe and drape projects as well as ceiling draping treatments. Our pipe and drape rentals are priced per linear foot. Looking for something else? We can suit almost any need, so please feel free to contact us for additional drape colors and sizes.


Event Carpet Rental

We provide event carpet rental in various sizes and colors. Red and black are always stocked, while other colors can be provided with custom orders. We work with one of the country's largest carpet manufacturers and can provide any size or color needed.


Stanchions & Velvet Ropes Rental

Stanchion rental is usually used in events with a need for crowd control. You may need to rent stanchions whenever you need to manage guests' lines at your event. We stock several stanchion types, some of which are strictly for crowd control, while others can also improve your event's design.

  • Black Retractable Stanchion Rental – the retractable stanchion is the basic stanchion with a 7′ retractable belt. Those stanchions are being used to control guest lines in airports, parties, and more.

  • Chrome stanchion with velvet rope – the chrome stanchions can serve as a decor item in your event. It is usually complemented with a red carpet. We stock different velvet rope colors for rent.

  • Brass stanchion with velvet rope – the brass stanchions can serve as a decor item in your event. It is usually complemented with a red carpet. We stock different velvet rope colors for rent.


Barricades & Temporary Fencing Rental

Large public events need appropriate crowd control. Our barricades are a perfect solution for assisting pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow while safely securing restricted areas. Strong and durable, each barricade is made of heavy-duty welded steel with a corrosion-proof galvanized finish. Multiple units can easily be joined together through a convenient hook system to form a rigid and secure barrier over long distances, such as ticket lines, parking lots, and parade routes. Barricades are also great for adding security to VIP areas, concerts, tournaments, and more.​


We carry several different podiums/lecterns for conferences, award shows/galas, outdoor rallies, and more. Three of the most popular options include lucite, wood, and truss podiums in various colors. Podium rentals are a perfect way to give your speakers a platform to address your audience effectively. 

Presentation/Art Easel Rental 

If you're looking to display art or signage at your next event our easel rentals are a perfect solution. We stock several different models for artwork weighing up to 150lbs. Lighter-duty models can accommodate posters and presentation materials. For larger events, our inventory can supply dozens of units. We offer wooden easel rentals, chrome, gold as well as tabletop models.  

Power Equipment

Special events of all sizes can benefit from portable generators when backup or additional power is needed. Staging Rental NYC stocks a vast fleet of generators for rent in New York City. They can provide safe, effective, and reliable power for all types of production and event equipment. With portable generators, every location can be converted into an event venue. By choosing to rent generators from us, event organizers have peace of mind knowing that there will be reliable and uninterrupted power to last the entire event, regardless of the conditions. 

Tables & Chairs

We offer large volume table and chair rental, which is the perfect solution for an event in need of seating arrangements. Not only does it save you time and effort by delivering the furniture directly to your event location, it also saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase tables and chairs for a one-time event. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, you can create the perfect setting for your guests, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, or outdoor activation. Our experienced and friendly staff will deliver, set up, and pick up your table and chair rental 24/7, anywhere in New York City. 

Tent Rental

Staging Rental NYC offers tent rental solutions for every size event. Our tenting services include site evaluation/design, project management, delivery, installation, and removal. We also offer custom graphics and tent accessories. 

Rent Outdoor Heaters

Staging Rental NYC delivers outdoor heating rentals across any venue in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. These heaters are perfect for any outdoor application. It works for any hospitality venue or outdoor event. They feature a durable lightweight They are perfect for outdoor entertainers with big spaces. The powerful 47000 BTU output, one-button easy operation, adjustable het settings, and built in safety shut-off make these the best outdoor heater rentals in the industry.

Rent Yellow Jackets & Cable Protectors

Staging Rental NYC is stocked with cable management products like yellow jackets and cable ramps. As a trusted equipment provider to top film and production companies, we understand this community's specified needs. For location shoots, concerts, and other live or outdoor events, yellow jackets are essential for safeguarding cables and other wiring that needs protection. Our cable ramps complete rigorous quality control checks after each rental. Our yellowjackets are designed to withstand constant, high speed, heavy traffic from trucks, buses, and other machinery.



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