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When it comes to planning a successful event in New York City, choosing the right flooring is just as important as selecting the perfect venue. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to determine which type of flooring is best for your specific event. That’s why event flooring rental has become an increasingly popular choice among event planners in NYC.

Why Rent Event Flooring?

Renting event flooring is a convenient, cost-effective, and customizable option for event planners. Rather than investing in a permanent flooring solution, event flooring rental allows you to choose the type of flooring that best suits your needs. This can range from simple, practical flooring to enhance the look and feel of your event space, to more elaborate and decorative flooring options.

Types of Event Flooring Available for Rent in NYC

There are several types of event flooring available for rent in NYC, including:

  1. Event Carpet: Carpet is a popular choice for events in NYC, as ir's durable and easy to install. They are also available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to match the carpeting to your event’s theme.

  2. Interlocking Floor Tiles: Interlocking vinyl floor tiles are a versatile and affordable flooring option for events in NYC. They come in a range of colors and designs and can be easily installed and removed without damaging the underlying surface.

  3. Dance Floors: Dance floors are a must-have for events that include dancing or other activities that require a solid, flat surface. Dance floors are available in a variety of colors and materials, including wood, vinyl, and plastic.

  4. Dance Marley: We stock marley dance floors in black, white, and gray. Perfect for dance competitions, rehearsals, and live performances.

  5. Turf: Artificial turf is a great option for outdoor events in NYC, as it provides a soft and durable surface for guests to walk and play on. It’s also available in a variety of colors and textures to match your event’s theme.

Choosing the Right Event Flooring for Your Event

When choosing the right event flooring for your event, consider the following:

  1. The Type of Event: The type of event you are planning will largely dictate the type of flooring you should choose. For example, a wedding will require a more elegant and decorative flooring option, while a trade show will require a practical and durable flooring solution.

  2. The Venue: The venue you have chosen for your event will also play a role in determining the type of flooring you should select. For example, outdoor events will require a different type of flooring than indoor events.

  3. The Budget: The cost of event flooring rental can vary greatly, depending on the type of flooring and the length of the rental. It’s important to consider your budget when choosing event flooring to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

When it comes to event flooring rental in NYC, there are a variety of options available to meet your specific needs. Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor event, a simple or elaborate event, choosing the right flooring can make a significant impact on the overall success of your event. Contact us and let us help you choose the right event flooring to ensure that your next event is a huge success!

Our full range of crowd control rental products are discounted throughout February. No order limits and thousands of units in stock. We provide full service delivery and pickup across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the tri-state area.

Steel Pedestrian Barricade Rentals

Interlocking flat footed steel barricade rentals are stocked across our multiple warehouses. Simply let us know how many linear feet you need to cover for your event and we will calculate how many bike rack barrier rentals will be needed.

These safe and efficient units come in sizing of 8 feet to 10 feet with our standard 8 foot units always in stock. Our barricade rentals in New York City can be rented in any quantity for use in both indoor and outdoor events. Custom or standard barricade jackets are also available.

Plastic Stanchion Rentals

Our white and colored stanchion posts are the ideal rentals for an aesthetically beautiful crowd control solution. These units come in various colors to match your events color theme. Matching chains are added in standard and custom sizes.

Retractable Stanchion Rentals

Our black retractable stanchions are one of the most versatile products in our inventor. We can also provide retractable stanchion rentals in custom colors and custom branded belts. colored stanchion posts are the ideal rentals for an aesthetically beautiful crowd control solution. These units come in various colors to match your events color theme. Matching chains are added in standard and custom sizes.

Silver & Brass Stanchion + Rope Rentals

Our stanchion posts and velvet ropes are perfect for red carpet events and other special events. We carry a large variety of velvet ropes in multiple colors and sizes. Our standard colors include red, black, pink, white, and royal blue.

As the world changes people are discovering new ways to connect and host events. Event planners and designers are able to comply with the new restrictions while continuing to provide unique products and services. This proves that it is still possible even during this challenging time to create a safe and successful event experience.

Outdoor Concerts & Drive-Thru Events

Parking lots are the new arenas for live concert performances. They provide large developed spaces that create unobstructed views of the artists and stage and vehicles have become the new front row seats to live outdoor events. This might sound unconventional but this is the new normal. For these kinds of events, the venues might change but the stages remain the same. If you are planning an outdoor music or theater performance we can supply the needed equipment and staff to make the production a success while complying with all the safety standards we strictly adhere to.

Outdoor Popups & Brand Activations​

Differentiation is more important than ever in the retail and experiential marketing industry. Our equipment and technologies make it easier for new brands to emerge and engage with their target audience. However, brands opening pop-ups now face new challenges of being in a small confined space with minimal social distancing options. Temporary retail is not a new fad and generates over $10 billion in annual sales in the United States while reducing costs up to 90%. We help create outdoor pop-up shops and brand activations using the latest equipment while adhering to the strictest safety measures. We supply stages, tenting, outdoor heaters, and crowd control products to create truly one of a kind outdoor brand activations.

Outdoor Film Screenings

As most indoor theaters remain closed, our clients are discovering creative ways to experience the joy of cinema. From transforming a backyard into a private screening space to creating a full drive-in movie experience we have the equipment to produce a one of a kind outdoor cinema experience.

Weddings & Private Events

With all weddings and social events postponed earlier in the year, it wasn’t until recently that planning has once again resumed for events scheduled for 2021. It is important to get back to normal while staying safe and continuing the traditions and celebrations we so highly cherish. Our massive stock of rental drapery, tenting, and crowd control products allow you to create an event that follows the strict new safety standards. These products are used to define dedicated spaces, manage guest foot traffic, and enhance the overall décor of the event space.

Outdoor Demonstrations & Rallies

We are proud to support over a dozen nonprofit organizations across New York City with products and services to organize outdoor demonstrations. We offer portable stage platforms, mobile stage rentals, tents, and crowd control products available to rent with complete delivery and installation services.


These event rental options all have a unique commonality. They are all supported by our vast rental inventory with custom product offerings and skilled team of event professionals. From quick ready to install platforms and risers to drapery and crowd control products, we can deliver a brand and design-driven solution that will help make your event incredibly unique. We are now innovating like never before; creating themed experiences where safety comes first. We produce events with the same approach a traditional in-person experience would have, but often at a much larger scale and fully complaint with social distancing regulations. As we all continue to adjust and get creative with how to produce safe, socially distant events in a new ever-changing world our team is ready to provide our knowledge and expertise with a full suite of rental products and outdoor event services. Contact us today to start planning your next outdoor event.

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