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Choral / Chorus Riser Rental NYC

We have a full range of portable choir riser rentals and seated risers available to fit your event's needs. All of our choral risers and seated risers are available to rent in modular sections and are easily installed to form standard or custom configurations. We can build arch-shaped platforms, tapered risers, horseshoes, wedged platforms, and straight-tiered systems. Our seated risers are also for rent in multiple styles and sizes. Perfect for choir performances, audience assembly, performing arts, sporting events, and media platforms. Our standing choral stage risers offer configuration changes and can be installed with optional caster wheels for easy repositioning. Safety guard rails are provided with each rental. The steel platforms offer a rugged, sturdy, and safe design. Multiple size options allow you to configure a choral riser system suitable for your exact requirements and audience size. These risers provide your audience with the best visual experience possible while providing a safe and stable area for your performers to sit or stand. Our risers are built under strict safety guidelines. We consider safety as our top priority, and we want you to feel confident that your event is meeting all safety requirements.




  • Our platforms measure in size from 4' wide, perfect for any situation - Children, Adults, Chairs, instruments, and more.

  • We can go as high as needed and offer railings for additional safety and security.

  • Tier Heights: 1st Level - 8" high, 2nd Level - 12" high, 3rd Level - 16" high

  • Set up in straight, semicircular, or custom formats


We have other sizes & options available. As always, we will beat any competitor's quote and provide unmatched service with 24/7 support. Our clients return to us for repeat orders because we have earned their trust with our promise to provide the best rental service at the most competitive prices.


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