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Mobile Stage Rental

Mobile Stage Rental

An extensive inventory of mobile and modular stage technologies packaged with audiovisual rentals and live video production capabilities - turning any location into an instant interactive event venue. Fast and easy load-in and load-out in under 30 minutes.
Staging Rental NYC has the largest selection of event and mobile stage rentals near you. We support large-scale outdoor events, artist tours, festivals, community events, concerts, political rallies, marathons, sporting events, DJ showcases, NYC parades, and dozens of other events. 

Safety is the most important aspect of staging, and our mobile stage rentals have the best safety standards out of any company in New York City. 

Our SL75, SL100, SL260, and SL320 have complete roof systems, so your production or performance can never be interrupted by inclement weather. Our mobile staging solutions range in size from 24'x20' to 40'x40', and additional stage wings can always be added to your rental. 

We can set up your rental stages from 24 inches to 6 feet in height and provide complete delivery, installation, and strike. 

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