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Stage Stair & Ramp Rental In New York City

Conveniently step off the stage with our stair rentals in several sizes and models. Our industry-leading code-compliant stairs rentals meet all New York City venue and arena guidelines. These stage rental add-ons are made of solid steel or wood construction with fixed heights ranging from 18″ to 60″. Our in-house fabrication department is also proud to offer custom-engineered stair designs for stage builds. We also provide LED lighted stairs and wood box step rentals. Specialty steps in heights over 60" can also be custom fabricated. For our general multi-use stage steps, dual handrails are offered for added safety. 



3 Step: Height: 18" - 24" Width: 42" Depth: 36"

6 Step: Height: 24" - 42" Width: 42" Depth: 36"

Custom Sizing Provided Upon Request

Our modular stair systems provide tip and roll functionality for easy maneuverability if needed. We also offer carpeted and nonslip stair models. All stairways attach directly to our stages for insured safety and stability. 

If an ADA ramp is needed, we offer various options that are all compatible with our stage systems. Stage ramps include handrails and come in several different configurations. 

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