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Band Stage & Riser Rental NYC

As many event producers can attest, having a professional band elevates the entertainment for any event. When hiring a band, they will obviously need a stage to perform on. If your venue does not have a stage on-site or the existing stage does not meet your needs, our band stage rentals can be a perfect solution. A stage creates a concert feel while providing a focal point during your reception. It improves the visibility of performers and speakers as well as improves acoustics. A stage rental also provides added safety by keeping equipment and cables out of the way.

What size stage do I need?

Band stages typically range from 8' x 24' feet to 20' x 30' feet with adjustable heights based on your preferences. A standard six-person band usually requests a 12' x 16' stage. Depending on how active your performers are, a larger set might be a better option. It is vital to coordinate with hired talent and confirm their exact needs. Larger bands might ask for additional drum risers and backdrops to be added to the stage setup. We can coordinate directly with your band to access their needs and provide the right equipment for a flawless event and performance. 

Our band stage rentals have been used for award shows, charity galas, weddings, and other private events. We service all major event venues across New York City and the tri-state area. Some of the NYC venues we have worked with include: 

  • The Weylin at Williamsburg Savings Bank

  • American Natural History Museum

  • Blue Hill at Stone Barns

  • Gramercy Park Terrace

  • The Rainbow Room

  • Bryant Park Grill

  • The Wythe Hotel

  • The Bay Room

  • Tribeca Rooftop

  • The Carlyle Hotel

  • The Frick

  • The Foundry

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