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Custom Design & Set Fabrication

One of the many things that set Staging Rental NYC apart from other event specialists is our custom design work. Our custom components and stage deck platforms can be cut to your exact specification and then painted, glossed, and treated with industry-standard fire retardant surfacing, which meets any studio or venue's safety guidelines in New York City. With unlimited freedom of design and an endless range of configurations, our flexible and versatile construction systems make it possible to design the perfect stage set that fits your exact requirements. This will ensure activation or performance will achieve maximum impact and leave a lasting impression. To attain this, our experienced project team will translate your needs into a complete solution consisting of a stage and roof structure, with stage settings, backdrop elements, and platform landscapes, as well as show stairs, stage elements, and other elements available for rent. Our clients need their event branding to stand out and perfectly align with their marketing strategy resulting in an engaged audience eager to share your work across their social media channels. We work with a fantastic network of designers, sculptors, painters, and graphic artists who create imaginative custom marketing installations along with our in-house design team. NYC's top experiential marketing agencies have used our custom set fabrications. We work with these clients to bring their ideas and vision to life for brand activations and other interactive environments.

Activations & Brand Displays: Technology moves quickly, and we move with it. Our cutting-edge innovative solutions create impactful branding for your clients and offer options like branded registration kiosks, media walls, and reception areas. We also build custom brand displays and convention booths that genuinely stand out among the competition.


Theatrical Sets: One of the main aspects of theater is engineering the mood and feel that the script is meant to capture. We achieve this by partnering with your team to produce set designs, custom fabrication, and lighting components to create an environment that perfectly aligns with your vision. 

Our company has years of experience in stage and custom platform design, both small and large scale in size, from wood to steel and aluminum. We can produce custom shapes and platforms for your special events, performances, and activations. We can also provide a highly skilled team for novel set builds. We can build branding and display backdrops printed with logos and other custom designs. We have extensive experience building custom solutions for the nation's top consumer brands and music festivals, film/TV productions, and performing arts spaces. If you have an idea that no one else can execute, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and see what we can create.

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