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Rent LED Video Walls - Any Design & Configuration 

LED Video Wall Rental NYC

We provide the ultimate LED backdrops for your stage rental: captivating visuals that power your events, live shows, and activations. With Staging Rental NYC's LED display products and custom control software, you are given creative freedom to create a look and feel you want with literally no limitations. The sky's really the limit to what you can do with our innovative LED wall rental solutions. We stock the most cutting-edge types of digital signage rentals and LED technology.

​Read on to get more information on how this technology works and where it works best!

Benefits of LED Video Wall Rentals:

  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

  • Available in different shapes and sizes

  • High-quality, high-resolution visuals


How are LED Video Walls Used?


Our LED walls can literally be used anywhere. From Time Square to Madison Square Garden, we've provided incredible interactive installations across New York City's top event and sporting venues. 

  • Concerts

  • Brand Activations

  • Sporting Events

  • Pop-Ups
  • Religious Services

  • Fashion Shows

  • Marathons

  • Music Festivals

  • Graduations

  • Interactive Art displays


Staging Rental NYC has video walls that are 20' and 30' high, with custom configurations easily accommodated.


LED video walls can connect with your laptops, in-house video systems, tablets, and mobile phones. We can also create touch-sensitive, interactive displays!


Here are a few ways some of our valued clients are using LED video walls:

Even More Innovative Uses


Entry Way Signage


Create one of a kind event entryway with a custom-shaped LED wall rental. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to incorporating LED signage into your event's grand entrance. 


Outdoor Scoreboards


For marathons and outdoor sporting events, our LED wall rental products provide clear bright displays showcasing no only the metrics but your brand sponsors and directional information. 




We make sure all of your guests can get to see their graduate up close! These pair perfectly with the live streaming solutions we offer to our educational clients. 


Political Rallies


Display campaign videos and feature your guests on the big screen. We've worked with politicians and diplomats from across the globe who have had their events tremendously enhanced with our visual rental solutions. 


Indoor vs. Outdoor LED Video Walls


One of the most impressive and sought-after features of our LED video walls is that they can be rented for indoor and outdoor productions. Our outdoor displays meet all standard weather ratings, compete seamlessly with the brightness of the sun, and are built more structurally sound than indoor models. Our indoor LED wall rentals are not as bright, but the picture quality is still an ultra-high definition. 


How Much Does It Cost To Rent An LED Wall In New York City?


This is a question we get every day. With this type of customized technology, the price of a LED video wall rental will depend on several factors like:


  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

  • Pixel Density 

  • Overall LED Wall Size

  • Curved or Flat Design

  • Hardware Options - Mounting


Indoor and outdoor LED video display products in stock and ready for delivery/install:

Daily & Weekly Rentals Delivered Anywhere In New York City

Absen 2.6mm LED
Gloshine 3.9mm LED
DigiLED 6mm

Mobile Video Screen Sizes


  • 9' high x 7.5'

  • 9' high x 16' wide

  • 11' high x 19' wide

  • 17' high x 27' wide

  • 19' high x 33' wide

Our LED wall rentals start at $4,900 for indoor events of up to 500 guests. If you'd like to get an estimate of how much your LED video wall rental would cost, you can request a quote here.

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