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Crowd Control Rental In New York City

​Crowd control products are one essential component of your event rental because it is instrumental in hosting safe and hazard-free event spaces. We have worked with New York City's largest corporations and all types of agencies, event producers, film studios, and hospitality venues. We also work with law enforcement, local parks, construction firms, nightclubs, airports, theaters, pop-up spaces in providing efficient crowd control solutions for up to 10,000 guests. 

Our prices are unbeatable, and our selection is the most comprehensive in the industry. Our team constantly adds the latest and best traffic safety equipment to ensure that our clients and their guests have a safe event experience. We rent french barricades, stanchions/velvet ropes, retractable stanchions, stage barricades, and dozens of other safety products. Renting with us gets you the exact products you need at the lowest cost when you need them, delivered around the clock in Manhattan and the five boroughs. We also work with all major venues in Manhattan and throughout New York City. We provide complete logistics and on-site support services on all our crowd control and stanchion rental products. 

We offer the following rental products used for crowd control at your event:

Post & Velvet Ropes: our premium line of traditional rope stanchions are available in multiple colors and styles. Limited inventory is available for outdoor use. 

Retractable Stanchions: versatile, portable, cost-friendly crowd control solutions with multiple colors, sizes, and configurations.

White Stanchions: versatile, portable, elegant crowd control solutions with multiple colors, sizes, and configurations. Our signature white stanchion posts are perfect for weddings, press events, and brand activations. They are rustproof, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The chain threads through the stanchion and snaps easily in place. We can cut the chain to the exact to meet your individual event requirements. 

Custom Colored Stanchions: We offer custom stanchion posts, chains, velvet ropes, and custom retractable belts in colors to match your event's theme. Contact us for specialty options not available anywhere else. 

Stanchion Signs: our add-on stanchion signs provide a great way to display and convey a clear message to event guests.  

Safety Retractable Belt Barriers: high-performance safety stanchions with steel bases and high visibility belts. Perfect choice for effective site safety guidance. This post belt is customizable based on application and needed safety messages.

Metal Barricades:  heavy-duty steel structures used at parades, political events, concerts, festivals, and outdoor rallies in NYC. Weather-resistant for outdoor and indoor use. Our flat feet barricades can be bolted to the ground to create a more permanent barrier. 

Concert Crowd Control: Get rock-solid security and spectator safety. You’ll get superior crowd control with the utmost safety and visibility. Multiple safety features are integrated into the design to protect both security and patrons. Each piece is designed for easy handling and storage.

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