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Rent Podiums With Delivery & Pickup In Manhattan

Match your stage rental with the perfect podium. If you have a panel discussion, award ceremony, or any other event with keynote presentations, a podium will be vital to complete the look and utility of the stage. Address the crowd with a podium from Staging Rental NYC, where we stock several different podiums for speaking panels, conferences, award shows, galas, outdoor rallies, political events, and more. Our podiums are stain-proof and durable. Additional options include podium microphones, reading lights, gooseneck mounts, and custom logo printing. Contemporary clear lucite podiums are perfect for a more modern look versus our wood podium rental options. Custom branded podiums can also be provided. 

Four of the most popular models are listed below.

  • Acrylic (Lucite) - up to 23 in stock and subject to availability

  • Wooden Oak - (Dark & Light) - up to 3 in stock and subject to availability

  • Steel T-Shaped - (Black) - up to 10 in stock and subject to availability

  • Truss Podium - (Black) - up to 3 in stock and subject to availability

Please note that podiums and lecterns are normally rented as add-on units to an existing production rental. 

Lucite Lectern
Clear Podium
Steel Podium
Truss Podium
Clear Podium Rental
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