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Custom Flooring Rental For Stage Sets - Film/TV Sets

We offer multiple flooring rental systems for any event, performance, television/film application in New York City. Staging Rental NYC provides stage floors, film shoot, and theater / musical performance flooring with options for touring, semi-permanent, and permanent flooring in over 100 different colors. You can choose from high gloss, matte, low sheen, and mirrored surfaces. You can use them for stage productions or ballet, modern, tap, and even dance competitions or fashion shows. We have inexpensive floors for single-day events, more durable surfaces for permanent installs or heavily trafficked areas, and high-end flooring for the biggest and most impactful visual statement. We also provide convention flooring for large venues and event rentals in New York City. Most flooring is in stock for immediate delivery and installation, with custom-fabricated options also available. 

Flooring Surface Options Include:​


​​Tuff Coat: A hard-wearing, easy rollout durable floor for temporary or permanent installation anywhere. Rugged, durable, stable, this surface covers the majority of our stage platforms. Its textured surface is suitable for a wide variety of traffic, including live performances, audience risers, choral / chorus risers, dance competitions, and auditorium use.  

​Features: ​

  • Outdoor/Indoor Use

  • Stages, Risers, Choral Risers

  • Dance studios, Television Studios

Matt Pro-Vinyl: A durable 100% vinyl matte floor in a wide variety of colors that's easy to install. This all-purpose flooring can be used in a variety of environments. This surface has maximum durability and easy installation into one premium floor. It can withstand any performance and stage traffic and is available for permanent or nonpermanent installs. 


  • Easy installation

  • Permanent or temporary installation

  • Ideal, durable surface for all types of performance

  • Recommended for: performance stages, rehearsal halls, dance studios, theaters 


​Mirrored Vinyl: creates a stunning first impression for product rollouts, fashion shows, parties, and more! Exercise careful handling to keep the finish pristine until opening night. Not intended for long-term use as foot traffic will eventually mar and scuff the reflection. 

Hardwood Set Floors: This option is ideal for film and TV sets with a great deal of flexibility in sizing and colors. We also have a collection of over 100 drapery rental products and other soft goods to add to your set. 

Hardwood Dance Floor: solid oak modular dance floors for all dance styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, and dance competitions in New York City. Staging Rental NYC offers a variety of attractive styles available in three easy-to-assemble designs. Create a virtually seamless portable dance floor in colors including oak, gray slate, ivory, and black. 

Custom Flooring Rental For Conventions - Conferences - Trade Shows

Expo Flooring: Our most cost-effective option is this lightweight, affordable flooring for events, runways, and budget-conscious productions. For catwalks, runways, live events, and stages, the expo is a perfect combination of quality and cost considerations. Lightweight yet durable, this surface is easy to roll out and lays flat for an efficient install. Black, white or gray floors in stock are perfect for most conventions. 


  • Lay flat & easy installation

  • Over a dozen color options

  • Temporary installation with specialty adhesives

  • Recommended For: trade shows, conventions, conferences, live shows

Ultra-Gloss Show Display Floors: perfect for the conference industry. This flooring comes in a dozen color options and is available for special events, commercial, and brand activations.

Foam Tile Board Flooring: These cost-effective and ergonomic flooring options are ideal for convention booths and display areas. This floor is low profile and features a designer wood appearance, perfect for light traffic areas. Interlocking pieces provide a fast and easy installation. 

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