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Tent Rentals - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, SI

Staging Rental NYC offers tent rental solutions for every size event. Our tenting services include site evaluation/design, project management, delivery, installation, and removal. We also offer custom graphics and tent accessories. 

Pop Up Tent Rentals NYC

We rent tents in a large number of shapes and sizes. Popup canopies are an easy addition to any event. They have an endless variety of purposes and are incredibly easy to set up or relocate if the need arises. At events with high temperatures or inclement weather, having a few popup tents on-site can help ensure guest comfort. Instant canopy rentals in New York City can also be used for ticket booths, medical stations, service areas, game areas, and much more. In addition to your tent rental, we also provide a vast array of tent accessories like tent walls, interior partitions, sandbags, and interior flooring. Popup canopies are also available in 10ft x 20ft or 10ft x 30ft models with custom branding if needed. We offer seamless custom printing options with the fastest turnaround times in the industry. 

Tent Model Specifications: 

Instant Pop-Up Tents: sizing 10' x 10' to 10' x 30' with optional sidewalls. Cost-friendly, easy to set up, and transport.  

Framed Tents: sizing 10' to 50' wide x up to 500' length. Frame tents are constructed of a vinyl top supported by a framework of hardware with a wind resistance of up to 30 MPH. 

Tensioned Tents: sizing 50' to 120' wide x up to 500' length. Pole tents are constructed of a vinyl canopy supported by side and center poles. Wind resistance of up to 60 MPH. 

Structured Tents: sizing: 50' to 200' wide x up to 500' length. The largest and most comprehensive options offer event planners the opportunity to turn any outdoor setting into a massive event space, complete with all the amenities for heating, lighting, seating, and live entertainment.

Tent Flooring

Installing a floor system will significantly improve the usable space available at your venue. Staging Rental NYC has the experience, equipment, and resources to install flooring over gardens, pools, decks, or uneven terrain. Our pool covers will transform your pool area into a unique and functional one.

Custom Engineered Tent Flooring



Professional flooring can make your temporary venue feel both inviting and unique. Any open space can be transformed into a stunning venue with options ranging from laminate floors to custom subfloor. Our floor system offerings include plywood subflooring, vinyl lay-down flooring, heavy-duty hardwood, astroturf, and solid panel floors. We also provide custom tent support for uneven surfaces. 

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