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Generator Rental - Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island

Staging Rental NYC offers powerful outdoor power solutions for every size event. Our generator rental services include a site survey, delivery, installation, around-the-clock fueling, and removal after your event. We also offer towable models for large-scale events and power our outdoor video wall rentals

Low Decibel Models / Movie Quiet Models

We rent generators for any outdoor event in NYC and NJ. Our low decibel models are extremely quiet and won't disturb the audio quality at your next event. We stock all the top brands including Honda, Westinghouse, Generac, and Yamaha. 

We also offer rapid response and emergency power services for film shoots and other on-location productions. We also serve businesses, schools, hospitals, and outdoor performance venues. Our rental generators can support up to 2,000KW of power needs. For reliable temporary power and 24/7 support, our generator rental offerings are the perfect solution. Paired together with a vast selection of optional power accessories, our fleet can manage any outdoor power needs. 

Towable Models

Provide power in no time and easily move your equipment when needed. This mobile powerhouse is a staple of our fleet and can provide up to 2,000 kilowatts of consistent power. This industrial generator can be towed by any truck for maximum versatility. The housing on these models has been soundproofed and runtimes can go as long as 24 hours with one tank of fuel. These models can be used for an endless number of applications including outdoor festivals and disaster relief. 

For a complete selection of audiovisual equipment that can be powered using our generators, please visit our industry partner Rental Express at

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