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Yellow Jackets Rental NYC - Cable Management

Rent Yellow Jackets & Cable Protectors

Staging Rental NYC is stocked with cable management products like yellow jackets and cable ramps. As a trusted equipment provider to top film and production companies, we understand the specified needs of this community. For location shoots, concerts, and other live or outdoor events, yellow jackets are essential for safeguarding cables and other cables that need protection. Our ADA cable ramps complete rigorous quality control checks after each rental. Our yellowjackets are designed to withstand constant, high speed, heavy traffic from trucks, buses, and other machinery. Yellowjacket's proven durability makes it the best value on the market. The interlocking design makes it effortless to chain together multiple units. To prevent damage to cables and protect pedestrians and your audience, we utilize these heavy-duty cable ramp rentals to safeguard cabling in high-risk traffic areas. Most venues and locations will require proper cable protection to ensure the public's safety.


  • Made of Durable Heavy Duty Rubber

  • ADA Cable Ramps (ADA approved)

  • Portable & Easy to Install

  • Easy to Install

  • Easy to Reposition and Remove

  • Width: 12” Length: 36”

  • Weight:  25 lbs

  • 6 Channel

For a complete selection of audiovisual equipment for your event, please visit our partner Rental Express at


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