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Runway Rental NYC

Fashion Show Runway & Catwalk Rentals

If your next fashion event calls for a runway, we have you covered! We design and customize the highest-quality runways for fashion shows and other special events. Runway options include various stage skirting & wrapping and stair ramps. We can provide straight catwalks, T and U shaped stages, as well as X and I configured catwalks. We have designed and built runways for some of the world's most notable designers, as well as debuts of new fashion lines. In addition, we can transform any pool into an elegant showcase, complete with plexiglass and decorative underwater lighting. 

We have become known as designer runway rental specialists for fashion events in New York City. Our specialized runways and catwalks make a statement; of glamour, excitement, and innovation to ensure you have the best setting for showcasing the season’s collection. From classic white catwalks, underwater runways, elaborate sets, different colors, catwalks that descend from the ceiling, custom shaped, or your simple black stage – we deliver the best in the business.


For more information about our services or to get a quote, please get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you! As always, we will beat any competitor's quote and provide unmatched service with 24/7 support. Our clients return to us for repeat orders because we have earned their trust with our promise to provide the best rental service at the most competitive prices.


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