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Rent Truss In New York City - Goal Post Truss, Box Truss, Circular Truss

Let Staging Rental NYC be your truss rental provider for your next event or activation in New York City or the tri-state area. We can help with any project that requires stage truss roofing, lighting truss, or custom truss structures. We offer truss rentals to convention centers, theaters, houses of worship, theme parks, museums, film/television sets, fitness facilities, casinos, tradeshows, concerts, and festivals. We have years of engineering experience in the areas of rigging, trussing, and automation. Our in-house team can create cutting-edge components for product launches and brand activations. We also offer custom winching systems and innovative automation products. We have experience working with the most complex designs bridging the gap between science and art. 

We stock:

20'' Box Truss 

30'' x 20''

30'' x 30''


Circle Truss

12'' x  9' 

20'' x 20'

20'' x 30' 


Base Plates

24'' x 24'' (steel}

36'' x 36''  (steel and aluminum)

48'' x 48'' (steel)

Spandex Truss Covers - White & Black

Custom Truss Covers - 12 Colors

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