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Concert & Festival Barricade Rental NYC

Keep your guests and performers safe with our line of barricade systems for concerts and festivals, providing safety and security for both guests and performers. These essential safety barriers are best used for large-scale events and perfect for controlling your audience without affecting acoustics and visibility. Staging Rental NYC rents barricade products built to maintain control of your venue without interfering with your patrons' enjoyment and maintaining the highest safety standards. These free-standing barriers have been used for concerts, festivals, roadshows, and political rallies. 


  • Size: 4' H - 4' W

  • Weight: 100 lbs

  • Steel Construction


  • Fast Easy Installations

  • Combine Multiple Units Seamlessly

  • Allows Light & Sound Passage

  • Custom Printed Jackets Available

  • Standard Barricade Covers Available

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