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Graduation Stage Rental 2024 - New York City, NJ, LI, CT
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Whether it's for a grade school, community college, high school, or a four-year university, commencements are an essential transition for students, instructors, and attendees. Identifying your graduation stage rental needs is the first step in making sure the graduation ceremonies go smoothly for everyone. We've graduated to a whole new level of event staging technology to meet the growing needs of our valued clients in the education market.

We've designed a seamless full-service approach to producing incredible commencement events like your school has never seen before. We want to amaze your students, faculty, alumni, and guests with the latest and safest technology for a truly unforgettable commencement ceremony.

We provide state-of-the-art equipment and design talent while staying true to your school's roots, along with the traditions and colors that make your institution unique. This year's commencement events should display the hard-won effort and level of perseverance that students and faculty have achieved.

If you are planning and preparing for this year's commencement events, we are happy to help. The good news is that we have plenty of time to plan and design a fantastic commencement event. We are closely monitoring the guidance from New York City officials to make sure our efforts are in line with the latest health standards. 

To have a successful and safe outdoor graduation event, we provide: 

Any Size Graduation Stage or Riser Rental

Drapery & Custom Made Backdrops

Individual & Socially Distant Seating

Live-streaming & Videography

Stage Roof Systems

Audio, Visual, & Lighting Rentals

Why Work With Us?

We have extensive experience providing graduation stage rentals as other products and custom rental services. Chair rentals, public address system rentals, audience risers, and drapery backdrops are just a few of our offerings. We have a 30-year history of shaping the events that matter to you most: 

  • Graduations/Commencements

  • Alumni Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Sporting Events

  • Theater Productions

  • Lecture Series

We understand that every school is different. We also understand that not every school has the perfect conditions to host a significant outdoor event. This is why we've tailored a custom approach that meets the exact needs of your institution. We work with you to identify your school's specific needs for your graduation and recommend the best equipment to make sure the graduation ceremonies go smoothly for everyone. It's also imperative that your event meets or exceeds local building codes, ADA requirements, fire codes, and fully compliant with all health/safety regulations. Our goal is to make sure your event is in full compliance with every requirement at all times. We want you to focus on the graduates and not the technical details. We are dedicated to our clients and ensuring every school event complies with all city regulations and provides safe events for their students!

What to keep in mind when planning your school's graduation ceremony? There are several questions to ask that will determine some of the basic needs for your school's commencement ceremony.

  • Can we use our school's athletic field?

  • Can we use a public park for our graduation?

  • How many graduates will we have?

  • How many guests are expected to attend?

  • Should we live stream our graduation?

  • How many people will be on stage?

  • Will you require seating on the stage for faculty and administrators?

  • What's the best sound, lighting, and visual equipment to use?

Contact our team today to schedule a graduation stage rental consult. We know there is still much uncertainty around upcoming events, and our crew is there to make the planning process seamless.

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