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Rent Stage Lighting, Followspots, Gobo Lights, Uplights

From theater, film, media events, and activations, lighting has played a critical role in directing audience attention and enhancing the overall event experience. Stage lighting creates an ambiance that aids audience engagement and aesthetics. Staging Rental NYC offers some of the following stage lighting rental options:


Uplights: Uplights make a perfect choice for adding color effects to walls and backdrops. They are not designed to be a main source of illumination, but uplights are great artistic tools used to create an atmosphere. Uplights can be positioned on the ground in front of walls, design elements, or drapery. We offer both wired and wireless uplighting. We stock wireless uplight packages by Chauvet and other top suppliers. We also carry Par Can 48 and Par Can 56 light packages.

Stage Wash Lighting: A stage wash uses conventional lighting fixtures with no color or texture to help presenters maintain the audience's attention. We provide both ground-supported and mounted stage wash lighting rentals. 

Backlighting: Using upstage backlighting is essential if cameras and media are involved in your event, as backlighting is an effective solution to improving the quality of photography. We provide lighting rental products for press conferences, red carpet events, brand pop-ups, product showcases, retail activations, step and repeats. 

Mirror Balls & Disco Ball Rental: 

Our mirror ball and disco ball rental packages include 12-inch, 16-inch, or 20-inch mirror balls, motors, lighting, and cabling. Safety cables are included with every rental. Full-service delivery installation is available 24 hours a day. This lighting package is a must at your next corporate event, wedding, brand activation, or special private event. These are not just for creating a Saturday night fever atmosphere. With hundreds of reflective mini panels and a large 20" size, expect a brilliant reflection to be projected across the dance floor. Project different colored pin spotlights towards the disco ball to produce a spectacular mix of colored spots spanning across the room. Renting the disco ball package during your next event will surely draw people into the middle of the dance floor. This mirror ball is perfect for clubs, weddings, and private events due to its versatility and special effect. When you need that larger mirror ball or custom color, look no further than Staging Rental NYC. We also offer gold, pink, and red disco ball rentals. Our custom sizing options range from 40"- 60". Variable speed motors are also provided for certain mirror ball packages.

Followspots: If your main goal is to increase audience engagement for your presenters, follow spots are a perfect solution. Followspots are the most effective way to ensure that your speakers are well-lit and easily engage with the audience. We also provide raised platforms for follow-spot operators who are usually positioned in the back of the venue.

Dance Floor Package:

This versatile and complete light rental package includes two truss towers, (6) Chauvet moving heads, (2) laser light rentals, (2) ADJ strobe lights, and a fog machine. 

Custom Gobo Projector Lighting: The key here is custom. A gobo is a custom design we produce on metal or glass that is branded to meet an organization's communication needs.  We then use our specialty lighting to project the image on an entranceway, wall, or dance floor. They can also be used on ceilings, columns, and outdoor structures. 

The importance of good lighting can not be understated, and we provide a wide array of options to go along with your stage rentals in New York City and across the tri-state area. Contact us for a fast and easy quote. 

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