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Temporary Fencing Rental In New York City

Event Fencing

We provide superior quality, aesthetically pleasing, and effective temporary fencing rentals for a wide range of outdoor events. If you need to restrict or effectively direct event attendees in any area, our flexible solutions are a perfect fit. Our temporary fencing ranges in style and height with any length necessary to meet your event's needs. These cost-effective solutions provide complete control of the pedestrian and automobile flows and can be used at concerts, festivals, parades, demonstrations, and sporting events. 

Seamless Setup & Removal

We provide rapid deployment of our crowd control products with swift installation 24 hours a day in any location across New York City. Our Brooklyn & New Jersey warehouses stock miles of this equipment, ensuring that your event needs are met. You can also utilize these products for loss prevention and to create restricted areas throughout the outdoor space. 

For large events protecting attendees with barriers and fencing will ensure safety and order at your event. Our team’s event industry experience will provide your organization with effective placement of barricades, fencing, and crowd control products for events of any size. We efficiently restrict and control attendee access for their protection while minimizing your liability. 

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